GIS Consulting Services

Gulf Coast GIS LLC provides GIS & remote sensing services across a range of industries including drone mapping and analysis, lidar mapping and analysis, high-resolution satellite monitoring, energy analysis, and international development projects. Additionally, we specialize in maritime applications of GIS that includes both shoreline mapping and bathymetric mapping. Gulf Coast GIS LLC specializes in international projects in the developing world.


Drone Mapping

Full long-range drone mapping services including multispectral, thermal, RGB, and 3D topographic capabilities. Part 107 remote pilot with international experience in Brazil and Kenya including experience mapping lacustrine and riverine environments.



Economic development activities, including evaluating the impact of spatial aid projects and development GIS. World Bank and USAID projects are undertaken. Dr. Hamilton is a founder of the Geospatial Impact Evaluation (GEOIE) research group.


Maritime GIS

Shoreline delineation, bathymetric mapping, and monitoring of water quality from space are the cornerstones of a healthy aquatic environment. Gulf Coast GIS LLC offers all of these services and has been developing aquatic-based GIS applications since 2007.


Energy Analysis

The conversion of energy generation from non-renewable to renewable sources is the grand economic and environmental challenge of our time. Gulf Coast GIS LLC partners with solar providers to better site solar panels and maximize each solar energy dollar. We have helped develop solar projects in North America and Africa.


Lidar Analysis

Lidar and associated technologies have opened up new and exciting frontiers in the world of high-resolution mapping. Currently, these technologies are used primarily in the developed world when such techniques are desperately needed in other locations. Gulf Coast GIS LLC is committed to developing and supporting tools that make the use of lidar data more extensive globally.


Other GIS

If your company or agency is interested in using geospatial technologies to drive sustainable development, build renewable energy resources, or better manage the environment; then we are interested in working with you as a GIS partner.

Current Projects

We are currently working on using GIS to expedite the uptake of solar power in the USA, developing core datasets for the Great Lakes of Africa to preserve the endangered haplochromine cichlids of this region, and developing proposals to use drones to deliver family planning medicine to communities in rural Africa.

Industry Partners

Gulf Coast GIS LLC has worked with numerous industry partners over the last 20-years to deliver a range of GIS solutions globally. Our industry partners vary from USA land brokers, ocean engineers, energy developers, the World Bank, and international fisheries research groups.

Dr. Hamilton led a UAV mapping project over Lake Victoria in Kenya. The NSF-funded project involved UAV mapping of offshore fish cages. The project was not only a success with all the data provided to the local fisheries agencies, but it additionally helped develop our capacity at KMFRI to undertake such projects in the future. The mapping project opened new research frontiers on Lake Victoria.

Dr. Christopher Aura

- Dr. Christopher Aura Director - KMFRI, Kisumu Center.

The GIS data and code Gulf Coast GIS LLC provided allowed me to streamline my Hurricane Katrina analysis and saved me thousands of hours in data processing time. He delivered a robust and customized programmatic solution on time that interfaced with the data and systems I already used. His code and data allowed for improved analysis of the impact of Hurricane Katrina at the parcel level.

David McGehee

- David McGehee Owner, Emerald Ocean Engineering

Gulf Coast GIS LLC has provided numerous GIS services to The Land Group. His models have driven our solar energy business by developing multi-criteria analyses that allow for the better siting of solar panels. He has proven that he can deliver high-quality GIS products in short time frames and on budget. He understands how to provide suitable GIS products that help drive our business.

Ben Alder

- Ben Alder Founder, The Land Group.