Lake Victoria FOSS GIS Training Videos

Gulf Coast GIS LLC is dedicated to increasing GIS capacity in the developing world. Dr. Hamilton has hosted GIS training workshops in Brazil, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ecuador. Many of the FOSS GIS training are recorded and uploaded to You Tube. We are proud to offer a wide range of Africa data based FOSS GIS training videos and are always open to future suggestions for new tutorials. Click on the top left corner to access the full playlist.

Lake Victoria Harvard Dataverse

The Lake Victoria project generated 1tb of geospatial data that is now used by many agencies. The most used products have proven to be the new high-resolution map of bathymetry and the new high-resolution shoreline that includes all islands. The dataverse is free to all, and much of the data is used in the above tutorials. We are dedicated to making all GIS development data available to all through a variety of portals.